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Good Morning Unemployed

In the early 90’s Tanishka was in a LIVE on stage gameshow called Name of the Game created by John Pinder and Roger Evans, the creative team that started the iconic Melbourne comedy venue, The Last Laugh. One of the jokes of the show written by stand-up comic Greg Fleet referred to a mid-morning breakfast show, Good Morning Unemployed.

This lit a spark of enthusiasm in Tanishka and she set about created a pilot proposal for Good Morning Unemployed.

A show hosted by herself, Justin Smith and his drag alter ego, Dawn Syndrome and actor, Brandon Ah Chong wearing their PJ’s from an inner city share house featuring lifestyle segments for the disenfranchised underclass who were short on funds and disillusioned with the system.

Her aim was to represent the unrepresented and address their needs while inspiring them to identify their special passion and purpose and create their own income as ethical entrepreneurs.

Good Morning Uninspired

Tempted to try one more time, she rebranded the show as Good Morning Uninspired and filmed a pilot episode LIVE on stage at Revolver nightclub in Melbourne. Hosted as her alter ego, Titania, Queen of the Faeries and supported by her motley crew of colourful friends that included Bob, her local video store guy who wore a pink tutu with his biker tattoos (& is sadly no longer with us), Genevieve, Jed, Bianca, Anita & Dennis who donned hot pink lycra unitards bearing their name ‘Mouskiteer style’ to deliver ‘The Big Finish’ as a tribute to 70’s variety shows to Love Will Keep Us Together By Captain and Tennille and musical duo, Cosmic Egg, spoken word performer Emile Zoe Baker and Helen, Chris and Elinor strutting their stuff in recycled clothes in our fashion segment, The St Vincent’s Fashion Makeover.

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While a good time was had by all, nothing came of the pilot…except for a meeting with Graeme Bond aka Auntie Jack who advised her to do it on radio and a meeting with the Hey Hey It’s Saturday production team who just asked her to share all her content ideas on camera.
Fast forward twenty-six years and stuck in lockdown in Melbourne it occurred to her everyone was stuck at home in their PJ’s feeling disillusioned with the state of the world and the time had finally come for a show that gave everyone hope.

Decades Later…

fast forward 26 years…

Good Morning Rainbow Tribe

Tanishka renamed the show Good Morning Rainbow Tribe; this final incarnation being a global morning show for the dawning of the new age of Aquarius. She wrote the lyrics for the show’s theme song and found composer, Gordon Champ who created the music to a 70’s style animation sequence. A year later, she received guidance to travel the world offering free consciousness-raising events to “gather the tribe and raise the vibe” to fulfil the Whirling Rainbow prophecy. Filming the show en route meeting tribe and sharing ideas to inspire free range living as we collectively unplug and live as nature intended.

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