Ep 1. Wisdom From a Life of Service

I chat to Haydn Bucher, a dear friend who shares with us the pearls of wisdom he’s learned and applied working in disability and as a spiritual & welfare counsellor to children and teens.

Ep 1. Good News

In this episode I share good news stories from around the globe during the month of May, 2023.

Ep 1. Muso Murray Kyle

Ep 1. Senseless Beauty

In this episode I visit to India and am invited to play with Putu, a beautiful sister from Southern India who sparks inspiration for our first audience participation invitation, to create an act of beauty in your neighbourhood.

Ep 1. Vilppuram

I venture out as a first time traveller to India and meet a lovely local auto driver, Silvan who graciously overlooks my western ways.

Ep 1. Cooking Without Gas

In this episode we meet David who came to my tour events and became a brother from another mother…and how he creatively prepares a rainbow meal despite the gas having been recently disconnected.

Ep 1. The Revolution is Love

Ep 1. Love thy neighbour

If you do we’d love to hear from you! Watch this video to find out more

Ep 1. Frugal Festivities

In this episode I visit with friends, Sarah and Cal in the hippie capital of Australia, Nimbin to see how a Pagan family irreverently celebrates Xmas on the cheap

Ep 1. Good Vibes: Frequency Therapy

I invite you into my Bio-resonance session with practitioner, Renae Cohen in Byron Bay, Australia

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